Alternative Funeral Venues

Potter receptions funerals warrandyte

Nowadays members of our community are becoming increasingly aware that funerals can be held in locations with a unique difference. Gone are the days of a funeral being restricted to a Church or Funeral Directors chapel. In the past, and unfortunately still to this day, people tend not to question some funeral providers, thereby limiting their choice to the Funeral Directors facility and price.

Of course it may be important for religious and cultural reasons to hold the funeral service in a particular church or place of worship. On the other hand, many others in our Melbourne secular society are seeking different types of places to hold a special farewell. In some instances the life of the deceased person may be reflected more appropriately in an alternative location, or perhaps other logistical and financial factors need to be considered. Whatever the case, the options are endless and may include family members or friends homes, outdoor areas, reception venues, sporting clubs and more.

When my own mother unfortunately passed away in a remote Queensland location, I found myself in this very situation. What would we do - with logistical, time and financial considerations coming into play; how could we best honour her life, while fulfilling the wishes of family members? We decided to organise a heartfelt memorial service at my sisters home, where we spent an afternoon reflecting on the life of my dear Mum. It was a sad but wonderful few hours in which we remembered and celebrated her life. Tears and laughter flowed with many photographs on display and various people had an opportunity to speak in a relaxed unhurried atmosphere.

Catering was easily organized with the help of many. While this may not suit everyone, for us it was perfect and we will always look back on Mum’s memorial service with love and gratitude.

Potters Receptions

Recently we conducted a funeral at Potters Receptions in Warrandyte, now one of our favorite venue locations located in leafy surroundings in the heart of Warrandyte. Family and friends congregated in the beautiful light filled chapel where tears, music and flowers were a plenty. Not to mention the delicious afternoon tea served afterwards, complete with scones, jam and cream. These were just some of the factors that made this life celebration unique and meaningful for family members and friends. All conducted with ease and affordability. What a perfect way to honour one very special lady.

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