childrens babies funeralsFunerals for Children & Babies

Funerals for Babies & Children would have to be the most difficult for Funeral Directors. Oakdale Funerals know how important it is to have the right funeral director for this occasion.

There are numerous types of funerals and services to say your final goodbyes to your baby.  Discussing all of your options with a kind and sympathetic funeral director such as Oakdale Funerals can help you make certain that you are not making decisions that you will regret later.


Organising a Baby or Child’s Funeral

Express all of your concerns and questions. During the healing process, it is often beneficial to have a memorial service of some kind whether you have buried or cremated your baby.  We will not rush you into having a service for your baby: it is never too late to memorialize him/her.

The memorial service can be directed by your clergyman, a celebrant, a staff member from the Oakdale Funerals or even a friend or family member. Please include siblings in the funeral or memorial service.  Encourage siblings to draw a picture or to write a letter and allow them to have it buried with their sibling. Or offer them an opportunity to speak, or read a letter or a poem to their brother or sister at the memorial service.  Older siblings may wish to act as a pall bearer for the funeral.  By including siblings in the service, it will grant them the realisation of the death of the baby and also give them special memories they will carry with them throughout their lifetime.

If it is too difficult for you to deal directly with the funeral director, find a family member or support group volunteer who can speak with us and ask them to communicate and coordinate your requests for the funeral or memorial service on your behalf… but please make certain that family member does what YOU want, not what they want