Cost of Cremations – Affordable funerals

Oakdale Funerals know that the Cost of Cremation should not be exorbitant. We are a family funeral business concentrating on affordable funerals for families in Melbourne.

An Oakdale funeral is a ceremony of proven worth and value for those who mourn. It provides an opportunity for the survivors and others who share in the loss to express their love, respect and appreciation for a life that has been lived.

The passing of a friend or family member can be the most devastating time of your life, organizing a funeral can just be too distressing. Oakdale Funerals with our gentle and caring approach we can help you make all those hard decisions. Unexpected funerals can mean unplanned sudden expense, therefore we have a variety of coffins to choose from ranging from low budget ply wood, timber veneer, solid timber, green or even metal caskets.  A popular option is a pre-planned funeral; it is peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out. Whatever the decision we offer affordable funeral arrangements that we can adapt to any budget.

Viewing a cremation is now an option for many cultures this is part of the ending of a cremation service. Although there are rules and regulations at the crematoriums, Oakdale Funerals will be able to explain them to you at the time of the funeral arrangement.

Our family offers a unique service that can accommodate all religions and cultures. We pride ourselves on loyalty and sincerity ensuring our clients are always happy, which has led to many recommendations over our time in the industry.

At some stage of our life we will attend a funeral; it is probably one of the most uncomfortable things to do, with the right planning a funeral can create a wonderful story of a treasured life, and comforting memories forever.

Cremation urns are available within 48 hours of the cremation taking place. Speak to Anne about our range of urns.


Call Oakdale Funerals on 9726 8724 let us make a difficult situation a little easier.

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