Funeral Costs

We offer affordable funeral services and provide an honest and prompt estimate of costs based on the information provided at the first phone call and later arrangement meeting. You can be assured there will be no hidden costs with our service.
The funeral costs vary depending on what may be required. Other things that may determine cost include:

  • If the deceased is to be buried or cremated, with burials generally being more expensive.
  • Clergy or Celebrant fees.
  • If additional travel is required out of the Melbourne or Yarra Valley areas.
  • Choice of coffin or casket, depending on make and materials used and the extent of workmanship.
  • If specialist mortuary personnel or embalming is required.
  • The type and quantity of floral tributes.
  • Order of service booklets and other multi-media services. Ie. Photographic tributes, DVD recordings or live streaming to friends and relatives overseas.
  • Death and funeral notices placed in newspapers. (Prices vary depending on length and style).
  • Catering services for post funeral gatherings.
  • In some situations where extensive time by the funeral director may be required, ie in the case of repatriations.
  • The inclusion of other specialised services. Eg dove, butterfly or balloon releases, musicians, etc.

Generally a more elaborate and larger funeral will involve higher costs.


Generally in most situations, individuals nominate whether they choose to be buried or cremated and of course this is a personal decision. In some instances this may not be known and the following factors may come into consideration.

funeral costs for funeral services at Oakdale Funerals

Cremation is sometimes chosen as a lower cost option, particularly in city areas where cemetery fees are very high.

In choosing cremation: There is no necessity by law to inter the ashes or keep them in an urn. Many people choose to scatter ashes in a meaningful place at an appropriate time. Some choose to ‘split’ the ashes between beautiful urns or other containers.

Others may desire to have the ashes placed in a specially designed garden or wall of remembrance.

This is not a decision that needs to be made immediately.

Part of our service includes the return of your loved ones ashes, within a week after cremation or at a convenient later time.
With prior arrangement in some instances ashes can be returned sooner.

See our Cremations page


In choosing burial: As mentioned prices and availability of cemetery plots vary considerably depending on the cemetery and the type of plot chosen within.
Burials may occur in lawn areas where the plaque is recessed into the lawn. Or in more traditional areas, where a burial and headstone is erected on a concrete strip, in a historical area or within a garden area.

See our Burials page



This is often a difficult and personal decision, however spending some time with your loved one after they have passed often provides an opportunity to say your goodbyes. Comforting and supporting each other at this time may be invaluable and assist with grieving.
It’s best to make this decision and support others in a gentle loving way – there is simply no right or wrong answer.

There are various ways in which a viewing may occur and we will assist you sensitively in organising for this to take place should you desire.



There will be many things to discuss and cover at the funeral arrangement meeting. Family members are encouraged to attend, to help plan or take part in the service. Joining together in this process to support and care for each other is often beneficial to assist in the early stages of grief.
It may be a reaction to feel the need to put the funeral behind you as quickly as possible. It helps to understand that the funeral itself can be one of the first and most important aspects to commence the slow process of healing. When deciding on the day of the ceremony, be sure you have allowed enough time to plan and implement all your preferred options.

Death Registration:

When a death occurs there is a legal obligation to register the death with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
Certain information will be required to do this including:

  • Date and birthplace of the deceased
  • Details of any marriages (where, when and to whom)
  • Children(s) names and ages
  • Parents full name and occupations
  • The Maiden or birth name of female family members



It is traditional to include flowers or floral tributes at a funeral service.
This may be as simple as freshly picked flowers from the gardens of those attending, a simple flower being placed by loved ones on the coffin or casket or perhaps more elaborate arrangements may be desired.
Whatever your requirements, we are happy to assist and will discuss this at the funeral arrangement meeting.