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Prearranging or prepaying your funeral is becoming more and more popular these days as much as preparing your will. It makes sense when you are planning your finances such as superannuation and bequests. If you do it now, you will feel better knowing all your affairs are in order. You guarantee that the the funeral will be exactly as you want it - the service, the cremation or burial, which cemetery you would like to be buried in, and the cost. And all your family members wont have the worry about not knowing what you wanted when the time come. It alleviates that little bit of extra worry from their shoulders.

The Prepaid Funeral Plan through Oakdale Funerals is an investment plan that pays for your funeral exactly as you want it arranged, whether it occurs days or decades after you make the arrangement. It is a safe, sound and sensible investment because you pay for the funeral arrangements you want at today's prices. And you can pay for it in installments. The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on your choices.  Some cemeteries may charge $4,000 for a grave whereas another may only charge $2,000. Oakdale Funerals will go through all the choices and the costs and give you an itemised list of everything once you have decided on the type of service you would like. If you decide to pay in full for the entire funeral service, when the time comes there will be nothing to pay for you family.

The services provided by the team at Oakdale Funerals are second to none, and taking out a Prepaid Funeral Plan will ensure that our customary care and respect will only be a phone call away when your family really needs it.  All monies are invested with Australian Friendly Society who are owned by the Bendigo Bank.

Call Oakdale Funerals Chirnside Park on 9726 8724 for a no obligation free quote on Prepaid funerals. You can submit an enquiry on our contact us page.pre-paid funeral directors bayswater