How much does a Funeral cost?

Funeral Costs – Oakdale Funerals

funeral cost for funeral services at Oakdale FuneralsThe funeral cost can varies greatly and depends on whether you are having a cremation or burial.

Once you have decided what type of funeral required, there are many variations with that as well.

Cremation Services

If you have decided on a cremation, would you like the funeral to be at the crematorium or at another funeral venue which might suit your family better. Some crematoriums have a time limit of 45 minutes, which is some instances is sufficient.  However some families may need more time to celebrate their loved ones funeral.

The deceased may have lived a life full of challenges where the family may like to appoint speakers to share that person’s life experiences.

The deceased may have been religious and want to have a church service followed by a private cremation.  This option is now more widely accepted than in the past, even in the catholic religion cremation is accepted as normal although the religion would still prefer a burial.

You may also like to have a private cremation and then followed by a memorial service where the deceased’s coffin is not present.

Refreshments can be held after the service either at the crematorium function rooms or at the other funeral venue. Menus can be available for both to decide on.

Burial Services

If the family decide on a burial, this would usually be preceded by a funeral service at a church, funeral venue or chapel or also may be a graveside service.

Other options to be decided on.

The type of coffin or casket required – timber or metal

Funeral arrangements for the top of the coffin

Memorial books

Order of services booklets

Funeral vehicles – coaches or stretch limousines.

Newspaper notices – funeral and death notices

There might be a table that the family can place some memorabilia of the decided on.

You will need to speak to your funeral director to arrange your funeral service options.

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