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Oakdale Funerals – Melbourne Funeral Directors are a well-known funeral business operating in the Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our attention to detail when organising a funeral have become paramount in ensuring that loved ones are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

All of Your Requirements Covered
Most families find that organising a funeral is a daunting task, there are so many things to be considered and arranged. Is there going to be a service at all? Should you consider a burial or cremation? Where will the funeral be held – a church or chapel or other funeral venue? How many people are you expecting to attend the funeral and how many will stay after the funeral service for the wake that may need to be catered for? Who will read the eulogy, will pall bearers be required and who will they be? Will the service be religious or include religious elements? Will printed orders of service be required, and what music will be played on the day? Should any special more personal touches be considered? These are just some of the things that may to be arranged.

A Stress-Free Funeral Experience

Funeral directors melbourne dealing with the cost of cremation

Oakdale Funerals have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to planning a funeral. We are dedicated to listening to all your requests, nothing is too small or too big. Every funeral is a very personal experience for the people involved, and we have lots of ideas to suit each personality. We organise memorable services that truly reflect the life of the individual. Your funeral consultant will talk to you about all the different options. Thanks to our caring and reputable services our funeral directors have assisted countless Melbourne families begin on the path to closure and acceptance.
Oakdale Funerals Melbourne provide Funeral Services with a difference. We have a unique ability to understand how traumatic the passing of a friend or loved one can be, and offer our services 24/7, We genuinely care and feel very privileged to be by your side helping to guide you through a difficult time.

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Call Oakdale Funeral Services Melbourne on 03 9726 8724 for a no obligation consultation with our friendly staff. Our compassionate and fully-qualified funeral directors are on-hand to help Melbourne residents provide a beautiful farewell for their loved ones.