The creation of meaningful and personalised funerals , ceremonies or memorial services cannot be understated, and can greatly assist the grieving in both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Anne Allison is a recognised and admired Family Celebrant – both in ceremony creation, the care of those she engages with and public speaking ability. She is honored to act as the Funeral Celebrant for her clients and families, and to provide this personalised service in her Funeral business.

Anne understands that every individual and family is unique and has different requirements. She sensitively engages with those involved to produce a ceremony that best represents the deceased and those in attendance.

Having undertaken a Cert IV in Celebrancy, Anne understands all the important elements required to produce a meaningful and special tribute, including structure and flow of the ceremony.
Possibilities are endless, but some other considerations and elements may include:

  • The use of poetry, quotes or scripture in funeral notices and/or within the ceremony
  • Having special items belonging to the deceased present at the funeral
  • Providing guests with a unique and personalised order of service
  • Using humour and a sense of fun when appropriate
  • The lighting of a candle/s by a loved one or family members
  • Involving organisations and/or rituals relating to the deceased: eg. RSL, Masons, Rotary club, attendance of Sporting club notaries
  • Certain cultural traditions and beliefs,
  • The incorporation of religious elements if desired
  • Displaying meaningful flowers or other items on the coffin or casket
  • Using a favourite colour in the ceremony. Perhaps requesting guests to wear an item in this color
  • Creating a photographic tribute to music
  • Specially chosen music enjoyed by your loved one
  • The release of doves, butterflies or balloons after the ceremony or at the graveside

Oakdale Funerals also offers the professional service of other highly respected and talented celebrants.
Of course we are also happy to assist and work with any other celebrant as chosen by the family.

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