What Are Green Funerals?

We know that Green Funerals or Eco Friendly / Environmentally Friendly Funerals are becoming increasingly important to some of our clients to protect and nurture the environment, both in life and death.



This is in fact a controversial and sometimes confusing topic, as individuals and governing bodies have different ideas of what may constitute an environmentally friendly funeral. For some it may come right down to the use of ink in Newspaper funeral notices - to choosing natural burial options with no embalming and the use of a shroud rather than a coffin or casket.

We can certainly assist in providing advice and choice with the following options available:

  • Being buried in a natural burial ground
  • Shrouds or environmentally friendly coffins
  • Bio-degradable clothing for the deceased
  • The use of recycled paper in memorial stationery
  • No embalming, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals
  • The use of natural grave markers, ie. shrubs or flat stones
  • Electronic death and funeral notices